Just now. I realized that I have never seen my mom cry. Not ever. All these thoughts are going through my head. ‘Is she hiding it from me?’ Because my yaya, who was with my mom since my sister wasn’t even born yet, has told me lots of amazing stories about mom, through all the happy and sad times she had. She even told me that sometimes she would see my mom crying suddenly, out of nowhere. And it hit me, I was somewhat like mommy. Like I’ve always been called that ‘fun and always smiling’ kind of girl. But deep down inside, she’s hiding things that people rarely see in her.

It’s been a while.

since I’ve posted here! XD been pretty busy with college stuffs. I’m sorry (._.)

have nothing to do today. draw, draw, draw :))

have nothing to do today. draw, draw, draw :))

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Diosdado Macapagal Bautista

I just feel like making a post about my dad since last night :) So here we go!

he is my dada (yes, I call him dada :P)

he likes playing golf

and HE LOVES, really, LOVES playing Angry Birds :)) if you’d check out his iPhone, you could see that almost every level is 3 stars XD yup, he’s addicted :P

Okay, now the story of us :)

When I was a kid, I’ve noticed that he was busy with work, or rarely going home. There were times where I ask myself, ‘where is he?’. Well, I knew the answer just a little bit after my mom died.

(This is my mother dearest :> Beautiful isn’t she? I got my beautifulness from her haha, that’s not even a word!)

The answer was that dad has another party. That really bites. It must have been hard for her. She had leukemia for 5 years, and she’s going through this too. People would think that I’m a daddy’s girl ‘cause I’m the youngest, but it’s actually my sister who is daddy’s girl :D haha.

If you guys read the rest of my 100 day tumblr challenge, you would know about day 21 - A picture of something you wish you could forget. If you haven’t seen it yet, here the link

That’s the girl who sort of ruined my childhood by taking dada away. Sort of because I was always happy to be with my siblings and my mom, I was super lucky to have a mom like her, she was the life of a party, she entertains people, and she’s hella funny.

I used to hate  my dad so much. USED TO. Since now I’m a teenager, I know what it feels like. I mean like once you’ve fallen in love, it’s hard falling out of it. On my Last Vacation, which was my Palawan trip. The ‘woman’ was there. Of course this was a big deal ‘cause we were going to spend 3 days straight with HER. But then it wasn’t as awkward as I expect it to be. Maybe for the fact that I have never seen dada this happy and I didn’t mind her much because I was having fun with my sister and my brother.

I guess now I realized that it was hard for my dad too. Balancing out things. Like the life he have with that other woman. And the life he have with us. So now I appreciate him being there for me whenever my siblings were out (like my sister for example, she’s at Malaysia right now & my brother is working at Iloilo) I appreciate that he would stay home for the whole day, or even just a night. I was lucky too. To have a dad like him, because usually if dad’s would have other parties, he’d leave his family. But he didn’t leave. And I love him for that :’)

It’s nice to know that were getting more closer everyday. Him getting to know more about me. Like me collecting 5 peso coins! I save up money through collecting 5 or 10 peso coins. And then he would help me collect haha :> and what happened last night, he woke up like 1 am because he bought me Mcdonald’s :))HEECK  I’d wake up just to EAAT mcdonald’s! Yummy yum yum :”>

Thank you dada. Thank you for being patient with me even though I was hard-headed most of the time. Thank you for taking care of me (soon, I would take over in taking care of you even you’re super old :P). Thank you for helping me out whenever I needed you (like Filipino homework for example. HAHA) Thank you for everything. Thank you Thank you Thaaank you :* I love you dada :D

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA meh, this is not real. My sissy edited this XD but dada is awesome like that! OHH YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH

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